Flagship Advisors

Flagship Advisors, Inc. was founded with the sole premise of building a unique firm that would provide superior advisory services directly to our clients. Flagship symbolizes being at the forefront of a challenge, guiding and advocating for the success of an encounter. For the term of our relationship with our clients, we provide expert advisory services only for and only toward our client’s best interest.

Almost 8 eight years ago, Flagship’s founders recognized that there was a need in the market to advise clients with specific projects–but very focused requirements–and began building a small, highly experienced team that could address these needs. Flagship focuses exclusively on Human Capital Management, and has identified resources which fill the spectrum required for the delivery of a successful implementation. Over time, Flagship has continued to build valued relationships with only the best and most experienced resources in our focus area who can work both independently and as an effective combined unit, based upon the assessment of the client’s situation. While our cumulative experience is gathered from multiple industries, our primary focus is Public Sector and Government.

The Flagship Culture

Flagship’s culture is one of respect, diversity and collaboration. Our philosophy is to adapt to a client’s environment and become part of an integrated and effective team. Few things are more rewarding than working with colleagues in a shared endeavor. The best working relationships are not arrangements in which separate people work on the same project at the same time; rather, it is a team of people working together toward a shared common goal. Having a history of working together with colleagues is a recipe for success. Our team has developed a strong working relationship and this has directly contributed to the success of our engagements. We firmly believe that our team has the strength, experience and depth of knowledge to assist clients in achieving their goals.

"The team at Flagship was instrumental in the success of the State of North Carolina's SAP HR/Payroll project. They were critical in delivering our project on time and under budget."

          Thom Wright
          N.C. State Personnel Director